Local Treatment of Nose Bleeding in Persons Affected by Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia by Novel Nasal Powder of Thalidomide
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Development and Validation of Ion Chromatographic Assay for USP Zinc-Family Monographs Modernization
AAPS ePoster Library, Michael Chang, 197571
µZMount™: An Automated Millifluidic Platform for Zebrafish-Based High Throughput Drug Screening
AAPS ePoster Library, Yadir Guerrero, 197583
QbD - How Particle Size And Glyceride Composition Affect The Performance of Sustained Release Tablets With Compritol 888 ATO
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Evaluation of Stabilization Effect of HP &[beta] Cyclodextrin, PVP, and NaCMC in Bovine Serum Albumin Solution Formulations
AAPS ePoster Library, Nick Ningyi Chen, 197615
Co-delivery of Doxorubicin and Quercetin in Polypeptide Nanoparticles for a Synergistic Anti-cancer Efficacy in Solid Tumors
AAPS ePoster Library, Woo Hyun Shin, 197635
The Dynamic Gastric Model as a Tool for Understanding Food Effect In Vitro
AAPS ePoster Library, Lasse Saaby, 197655
Synergistic Combination of an Oral Angiogenesis Inhibitor Drug LHbisD4 with aPD-1 Antibody
AAPS ePoster Library, Yonghwan Park, 199219
Development of a Dissolution Apparatus IV Method for an API with Low Solubility in Immediate Release Soft Gelatin Capsules
AAPS ePoster Library, Richard Scott Carter, 197570
Targeting the Bacterial Transcription Activation Complex for Drug Discovery: Production of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 RNA Polymerase Holoenzyme
AAPS ePoster Library, Derrick Afful, 197582
Development and Validation of a Simple and Selective Chromatographic Method to Quantify Aluminum Phthalocyanine Chloride in Skin
AAPS ePoster Library, Thaiene Avila Reis, 197602
New In Vitro Method for the Analysis of Subcutaneous Formulations
AAPS ePoster Library, Karl Box, 197614
Development of Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyarginine and Poly (ethylene glycol)-Block-poly (l-aspartic Acid) Polymers to Enhance the Systemic Performance of Albumin-Bound Paclitaxel Nanoparticle
AAPS ePoster Library, Woo Hyun Shin, 197634
Vessel-Targeted Chemophototherapy with Cationic Porphyrin-Phospholipid Liposomes
AAPS ePoster Library, Dandan Luo, 199197
Quality Medicines in Africa
AAPS ePoster Library, Stephen R. Byrn, 197569
Stability Evaluation of Ethylcellulose Dry Powder Coated Metoprolol Tartrate Extended Release Multiparticulates
AAPS ePoster Library, Raxit Mehta, 197601
Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Can Increase the Skin Whitening Effect of Phenylethyl Resorcinol
AAPS ePoster Library, Ki-Hyun Bang, 197613
Role of a Combination of Surface Modifiers on the Nucleation and Crystal Growth Rate of Hesperetin and its Association with the Designing of Nanocrystalline Solid Dispersions (NCSDs)
AAPS ePoster Library, Sneha Sheokand, 197633
CYP2E1 Enzyme Kinetics And In Vitro Toxicological Evaluation Of Diallyl Sulfide (DAS) Analogs For The Prevention Of Alcohol- And Acetaminophen-Induced Toxicity
AAPS ePoster Library, Mohammad Arifur Rahman, 197653
Irinotecan Loaded Porphyrin-Phospholipid Liposomes for Chemophototherapy with Light-Triggered Intravascular Drug Release
AAPS ePoster Library, Kevin Carter, 199277
Determination of Residual Acetic Acid (AcOH) in an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Using Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detection (GC-ECD)
AAPS ePoster Library, Ravi Boddeti, 197568
Determination of Processing Window for Hot Melt Extrusion and Milling of Hypromellose Acetate Succinate by Assessing Thermal Degradation
AAPS ePoster Library, Manish Rane, 197600
BT-2-Minipeg-2 is a Safe Carrier for the Targeted Delivery of Antibiotics and Other Biological Agents for Treatment of Bone Infections
AAPS ePoster Library, Zaineb AF Albayati, 197612
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles Enhance the Delivery of Doxorubicin to Hypoxic Cancer Cells
AAPS ePoster Library, Ahmed Shabana, 197632
Polymeric Outer Membrane Permeabilizers Enhance the Sensitivity of Multi-Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa to High Molecular Weight Antibiotics
AAPS ePoster Library, Max Purro, 197652
Evaluation of Physico-chemical and Bioactivity Characteristics of Mycobacterium Whole Cell Antigens in Chitosan/Sodium Alginate Microspheres
AAPS ePoster Library, Kwame G. Yeboah, 199213
Predicting Human In Vivo Drug Dissolution through Mechanistic Deconvolution of an Oral Absorption Model
AAPS ePoster Library, Alex Yu, 197484
Influence of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Cell Penetrating Peptides on Transport Across In Vitro BBB and Transfection Efficiency of Tf-modified Liposome Encapsulating pGFP
AAPS ePoster Library, Jagdish Singh, 197516
Expedited Development of Diphenhydramine Orally Disintegrating Tablet through Integrated Crystal and Particle Engineering
AAPS ePoster Library, Chenguang Wang, 197555
Biorelevant Gastointestinal Transfer (BioGIT) System: Evaluation of Data Reproducibility and Its Usefulness in Estimating Indinavir and Fosamprenavir Concentrations in the Upper Intestinal Lumen after Oral Administration of Immediate Release Dosage Forms
AAPS ePoster Library, Maria Vertzoni, 197483
Study the Efficacy of Co-delivery of Anti-cancer Chemotherapeutics Encapsulated Dual-Functionalized Liposomal Nanoparticles on Tumor Regression Using In vitro Brain Tumor Model
AAPS ePoster Library, Jagdish Singh, 197515
Investigation of Ion Exchange Resin Concentration, Particle Size and Process Temperature on Dextromethorphan HBr Complexation
AAPS ePoster Library, Raxit Mehta, 197554
Usefulness of BioGIT in Detecting Formulation Related Differences in Early Exposure after Oral Administration of Cyclosporine and SB705498
AAPS ePoster Library, Maria Vertzoni, 197482
Study the Effect of Coupling of Short Chain Cell Penetrating Peptides to Receptor Targeted Liposomes on Cellular Uptake in Brain Endothelial and Glioblastoma Cell Lines
AAPS ePoster Library, Jagdish Singh, 197514
3D-Printed Nasal Casts for Analyzing the Effect of Personalized Administration Angles on the Targeting of Nasal Spray Deposition in Pediatrics and Adults
AAPS ePoster Library, Zachary Warnken, 197534
Co-processed Excipients for Dispersible Tablets - Manufacturability
AAPS ePoster Library, Felipe L. Lopez, 197553
The Two Phase System into the Gastrointestinal Simulator (GIS) to Assemble the New Dissolution System for Better In Vivo Prediction for Donepezil and Danazole
AAPS ePoster Library, Yasuhiro Tsume, 197481
Comparative Dynamic Stability of Polymeric Micelles Self-Assembled from Diblock PEG-PCL Copolymers and PEG-PBO-PCL Interface-Engineered Triblock Copolymers Against Enzymatic Systems from Blood and from Tissues
AAPS ePoster Library, Uttam Satyal, 197513
In Vitro Assessment of the Effect of Surface Mucus on Deposition Patterns of Nasal Sprays in Children
AAPS ePoster Library, Namita Sawant, 197533
Co-processed Excipients for Dispersible Tablets: Patient Acceptability
AAPS ePoster Library, Felipe L. Lopez, 197552
Acceleration of Crystal Growth of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals by Low Concentration Poly (ethylene oxide): Aspects of Crystallization Kinetics and Molecular Mobility
AAPS ePoster Library, Qin Shi, 197480
Templated Electrohydrodynamic Techniques for the Self-Assembly of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
AAPS ePoster Library, Brenda Sanchez Vazquez, 197512
Nose to Brain Drug Delivery Approach to Alleviate Vigabatrin Induced Retinal Toxicity
AAPS ePoster Library, Anitha Police, 197532
Novel Functional Excipient Comprising of Anhydrous Lactose with Lactitol Monohydrate for Production of Minitablets
AAPS ePoster Library, Bastiaan H J Dickhoff, 197551
Evaluation of Residual Levonorgestrel as Potential Bioequivalence Metric for a Long Acting Intrauterine System Using Quantitative Modeling and Simulation Approach
AAPS ePoster Library, Satish Sharan, 197479
Effects of Low Doses of Benznidazole Nanosystems in Both Acute and Chronic Experimental Chagas Disease: A New Promising Treatment Regimen
AAPS ePoster Library, Claudio Javier Salomon, 197511
Formulation and Characterization of Gemcitabine-Loaded Gelatin Nanocarriers for Lung Cancer via Inhalation
AAPS ePoster Library, Ruchi Thakkar, 197531
Can Co-administration of Multiparticulates with Soft Food Reduce the Perception of Grittiness?
AAPS ePoster Library, Hannah Katharine Batchelor, 197550
The Influence of Arginine and Moisture on the Solid State Properties and Chemical Stability of Indomethacin
AAPS ePoster Library, Ina Petry, 197478
β-Cyclodextrin-Poly(β-Amino Ester) Nanoparticles for Sustained Release of Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibitors across the Blood Brain Barrier to Treat Alzheimer's Disease
AAPS ePoster Library, Fitsum Feleke Sahle, 197510
Formulation and In Vitro Analysis of a Spray-Dried Topotecan Inhalation Powder
AAPS ePoster Library, Michael Burke, 197530
Biopharmaceutical Understanding Of Excipient Variability: Effect Of HPMC Level And Viscosity Type On Drug Solubility
AAPS ePoster Library, Panagiota Zarmpi, 197549
Safety Profile of Surface-Modified Berberine Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles for Brain Delivery
AAPS ePoster Library, Mohamed I. Nounou, 197477
In-Situ Thermosensitive Gel of Intranasally Administered DB213 Provides Enhanced Delivery to Central Nervous System of Mice and Rats
AAPS ePoster Library, Qianwen Wang, 197529
Preparation, In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Orally Dissolving Microgranule Containing Tadalafil
AAPS ePoster Library, Kim Young Lae, 197548
Preparation Of Recrystallized ASDs with Defined Crystal Content For Biopharmaceutical Testing
AAPS ePoster Library, Frank Theil, 198983
Pharmaceutical Quality and Clinical Performance of Multisource Narrow Therapeutic Index Levothyroxine Brand Product
AAPS ePoster Library, Mohamed I. Nounou, 197476
Hsp90 Inhibitor Conjugated Albumin Nanoparticles for Anticancer Therapy
AAPS ePoster Library, Ankit K. Rochani, 197508
Comparative Study of Different In Vitro Dissolution Methods for the Evaluation of Microparticulate Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
AAPS ePoster Library, Hend I. Shahin, 197528
Relationships Among Crystal Structure, Mechanical Properties, and Tabletability of Four Salts of Diphenhydramine
AAPS ePoster Library, Chenguang Wang, 197547
Continuous Manufacturing of NSAID Delayed Release Pellets by Hot Melt Extrusion Technology: Application of QbD Space Design, Inline FT-NIR, and Inline Pellet Size Analysis.
AAPS ePoster Library, Anh Q. Vo, 197567
Increasing Product Understanding by Examining the Stability of Tablets Using 3D Raman Imaging
AAPS ePoster Library, Mark Stephen Kemper, 199071
Development of Post-Compressional Textural Tests to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Medicated Chewing Gum Tablets with High Drug Loadings
AAPS ePoster Library, Turki AL-Hagbani, 197475
In Vitro Drug Release Studies And In Vivo Testing Of Subcutaneous Thermo-responsive Hydrogel Formulation Of 3-(2-Methyl-1H-indol-3-yl)-1-(4-Pyridinyl)-2-Propen-1-one (MOMIPP)
AAPS ePoster Library, Tanvi Raorane, 197496
Optimization and Design of Ibuprofen-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier with a Hybrid Design Approach for Ocular Delivery
AAPS ePoster Library, Vishal Rathod, 197507
Formulation of Spray Dried Hydrogel Microparticles Containing Sildenafil Citrate for the Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension
AAPS ePoster Library, Hend I. Shahin, 197527
The Effect of Bonding Area on Interfacial Bonding Strength of Bilayer Tablets
AAPS ePoster Library, Changquan Calvin Sun, 197566
Developing an Analytical Strategy for Physical Stability Characterization of Amorphous Solid Dispersions
AAPS ePoster Library, Matthew J Jackson, 199263
Biorelevant Dissolution Profiling; Selection of Medium Composition Based Upon a Quantitative Assessment of Drug Solubility, Lipophilicity and Ionization
AAPS ePoster Library, Deanna Mudie, 197474
Avobenzone Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) for Synergistic Photoprotection
AAPS ePoster Library, Sung Min Pyo, 197506
Development of Porous PLGA/gelatin Composite Microspheres for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
AAPS ePoster Library, Yuki Saida, 197526
Solubilization of Fenofibrate - A BCS Class II Active
AAPS ePoster Library, Girish Venkatachalaiah, 197545
Influence of Crystal Structure and Coformer Selection on the Compaction Performance and Mechanical Properties of Theophylline Cocrystals
AAPS ePoster Library, Aditya Bharadwaj Singaraju, 197565
Suitability of Dog to Predict the Fraction of Dose Absorbed in Human for Low Solubility Drugs
AAPS ePoster Library, Naoya Matsumura, 197473
Preclinical Study of Taste-Masked Epinephrine Microcrystals Formulated as Fast-Disintegrating Sublingual Tablets
AAPS ePoster Library, Ousama Rachid, 197494
BergaCare SmartLipids®—Novel Loading Principle to Increase the Loading Capacity of Skin Whiteners
AAPS ePoster Library, Sung Min Pyo, 197505
Use Of 3D Printing As A Tool For Fundamental Inhaled Research
AAPS ePoster Library, Timothy James Rouse, 197525
Effect of Crospovidone on Stability of Ibuprofen Oral Solid Dosage Forms
AAPS ePoster Library, Girish Venkatachalaiah, 197544
Evaluation of Mini-Tablet Drug Delivery System for Pediatric Dosage Form (PDF)
AAPS ePoster Library, Bruhal A Shah, 197564
Approaches for Drug Substance Particle Characterization
AAPS ePoster Library, Ying Li, 199109
Investigation of the Impact of Osmotically Active Excipients on the In Vivo Performance of Orally Administered Drugs by Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling to Assist in Biopharmaceutics Assessment
AAPS ePoster Library, Mathew John, 197472
Paclitaxel Crystal Seeds with Different Intrinsic Properties and Their Impact on the Dissolution of Paclitaxel-HPMCAS Amorphous Solid Dispersions
AAPS ePoster Library, Chailu Que, 197493
Thermo Sensitive Gel for Intranasal Delivery of Vigabatrin
AAPS ePoster Library, Anitha Police, 197524
Use of a Modified Sodium Bicarbonate and Lubricant Choice to Improve the Dissolution Rate of Weakly Acidic Drugs
AAPS ePoster Library, Michael Todd, 197543
Association of Dynamics of Oil Droplet Hardening with PLGA Microsphere Quality
AAPS ePoster Library, Yoo Jung Kim, 197563
Corrosion Inhibition in Dissolution Testing of Sulfur-Containing Drugs in Acidic Media
AAPS ePoster Library, Frank Cheng, 199002
Development Of In Vivo Absorption Prediction Method For Supersaturatable Dosage Forms With The USP Dissolution Apparatus 4
AAPS ePoster Library, Taichi Ishitsuka, 197471
Investigation of Transdermal Delivery of Elvitegravir: Effect of Chemical Penetration Enhancers
AAPS ePoster Library, Ashana Puri, 197492
Design of Experiment Approach to Investigate Effect of Spray Drying Process Parameters on the Critical Quality Attributes of Indomethacin Nanosuspension
AAPS ePoster Library, Anusha Pinninti, 197503
A Coupled In Vitro Digestion—In Vivo Absorption Model to Probe the Impact of Polymer Precipitation Inhibitors on Drug Absorption
AAPS ePoster Library, Estelle J.A. Suys, 197542
Impact of Excipient Batch-to-Batch Variation on Tablet Properties—A Risk Based Approach
AAPS ePoster Library, Bastiaan H J Dickhoff, 197562
Particle Size Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) using Single Particle Optical Sizing (SPOS)
AAPS ePoster Library, Mark Bumiller, 198980
Direct Nose to Brain Delivery of CNS Drugs: The Effect of Glymphatic System on Pharmacokinetics and Brain Distribution of Sulpiride after Nasal Application
AAPS ePoster Library, Daisuke Inoue, 197470
Development of Avobenzone Microsponge Gel Formulation Using Polyvinyl Alcohol
AAPS ePoster Library, Ashana Puri, 197491
Particle Engineering for Intracellular Delivery of Vancomycin
AAPS ePoster Library, Yihua Pei, 197502
Impact of Particle Surface Properties and Temperature on Lung Surfactant Function
AAPS ePoster Library, Bharath kumar Gowdampally, 197522
Impact of Drug-Rich Colloids of Itraconazole and HPMCAS on Membrane Flux In Vitro and Oral Bioavailability in Rats
AAPS ePoster Library, Aaron Stewart, 197541
Development of In-Process Near-Infrared (NIR) Methods for Assay Monitoring of Paclitaxel and Human Albumin in Abraxane® Suspensions
AAPS ePoster Library, Dong Xiang, 197561
Development of a Bi-phasic Dissolution Method with In Vivo PK Prediction Potential for a BCS Class III Compound Metformin HCl
AAPS ePoster Library, Zheng Lu, 199103
Formulation Development, Optimization, and Characterization of Natamycin Loaded PEGylated Nano-Lipid Carriers for Ophthalmic Applications
AAPS ePoster Library, Akash Patil, 197501

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