Formulation Development, Optimization, and Characterization of Natamycin Loaded PEGylated Nano-Lipid Carriers for Ophthalmic Applications
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Development of Porous PLGA Microparticles for Efficient Pulmonary Delivery and Their Uptake Behavior to Macrophages
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An In Vitro Method to Predict the Coating Influence on Esophageal Adhesion and Gliding Performance of Solid Oral Dosage Forms
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Inline Particle Size Analysis to Monitor in Real Time Continuous Melt Extruded Pelletization
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Toward an Understanding of the Predictive Ability of the R3m Molecular Descriptor for Amorphous Solid Dispersion Formation
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Comparison of Spray Dried Dispersions of Itraconazole Tablet Formulations with Film Casted Capsules Using Three Grades of HPMCAS
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Development Of An Intratympanic Formulation For Delivering DHA Derivative Using Novel Block Copolymers For Ototoxicity
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Effect of Nutrient Dispersion Compounds on the Efficacy of Antibiotic Formulations against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms
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Establishing Feasible Processing Conditions for AquaSolve™ Amorphous Solid Dispersions via Hot Melt Extrusion: A Comparative Study
AAPS ePoster Library, Sandeep Sarabu, 197538
In-Line Particle Size Analysis of Sustained Release HPMC Matrix Granules to Study the Impact of Formulation and Process Parameters in Twin Screw Hot-Melt Granulation
AAPS ePoster Library, Priyanka Thipsay, 197559
Use of Complex Dielectric Properties and Predictive Dissolution Model to Enable Real Time Release Testing (RTRT)
AAPS ePoster Library, Mehrdad Kheiripour Langroudi, 199056
Expansion of a Model for the Prediction of Drug Dispersability in Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer using a Molecular Descriptor
AAPS ePoster Library, Kevin DeBoyace, 197467
Curcumin Mesalamine Combinations: Solubility Enhancement of Curcumin and Potential for Targeted Delivery
AAPS ePoster Library, Sai Sumana Penumetcha, 197487
Preliminary Investigation of Nifedipine Nanosuspension Prepared via Wet Stirred Media Milling Method
AAPS ePoster Library, Pooja Patel, 197499
Granisetron Hydrochloride/Ketorolac Tromethamine In Situ Thermal Nasal Formulation for Postoperative/Cancer Associated Therapies
AAPS ePoster Library, Mohamed El Nabarawi, 197519
Encapsulation of Benznidazole in Polymeric Microparticles for the Treatment of Chagas Disease
AAPS ePoster Library, Claudio Javier Salomon, 197537
Effect of Different HPMC Grades and Process Parameters on Physic-Chemical Properties of Sustained Release Matrix Granules Prepared via Twin Screw Melt Granulation
AAPS ePoster Library, Priyanka Thipsay, 197558
The Suitability of Dexamethasone to Serve as the BCS Low\High Permeability Benchmark Compound
AAPS ePoster Library, Arik Dahan, 197466
Investigating Processing Variables in a Homogenizer for Development of an Ophthalmic Emulsion
AAPS ePoster Library, Sai Sumana Penumetcha, 197486
Fattigation-Platform Albumin Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy
AAPS ePoster Library, Chulhun Park, 197498
Colistimethate Sodium Agglomerated Powder for Inhalation and Data Processing
AAPS ePoster Library, Paolo Colombo, 197518
Replacing Commonly Used Polymers with Sugars in Making a Solid Dispersion of BCS Class II Drugs Such as Griseofulvin by Hot Melt Extrusion
AAPS ePoster Library, Nasim Rezvani, 197536
Use of Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor Phase Changes in Formulation of Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (SEDDs)
AAPS ePoster Library, Carlos Peroza, 197557
Previously Neglected Factors and Species Impacting the Drug Release Behavior of ASD Formulations
AAPS ePoster Library, Johanna Milsmann, 198990
Identifying and Characterizing Polymorphs of an Orally Available Diethyl Ester Analogue of Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid
AAPS ePoster Library, Carla Coste Sanchez, 197465
Minimizing Residual Solvents in Organic Polymer Coatings by Optimized Drying
AAPS ePoster Library, Ketaki Patwardhan, 197485
Development and Characterization of Microporous Particles of Theophylline via Hot Melt Extrusion Technology
AAPS ePoster Library, Ahmed Morisheed Almotairy, 197517
Effect of Filler and Superdisintegrant on In Vitro Release Profile of Fenofibrate Tablets Prepared with Hot Melt Extrudates
AAPS ePoster Library, Michael A. Repka, 197535
Quantitative Assay of Low-Dose Tablet Formulation Using Transmission Raman Spectroscopy
AAPS ePoster Library, Ryo Ohashi, 197556
Application of Fiberoptic Dissolution in a Design of Experiment (DoE) Study: Dissolution Method Equivalency for an Immediate-release soft gelatin capsule using in-situ Fiberoptic and offline UV Detection
AAPS ePoster Library, Wai Ma, 199150
In Vitro Release Testing of Ointments Using a Biphasic Receptor Medium
AAPS ePoster Library, Jerry Zhang, 197401
Relating Regional Variations in Skin Permeability to the Underlying Skin Morphological In Vivo
AAPS ePoster Library, Priyanka Ghosh, 197464
Advanced Imaging, Detection and Prediction of Initial Gel Formation and Swelling of Hypromellose Compacts
AAPS ePoster Library, Hayley Watson, 197400
Analytical Methods and Lifecycle
AAPS ePoster Library, George Reid, 197463
Correlation between 89Zr-DFO-Trastuzumab-DM1 Delivery and Cytotoxicity of T-DM1 on HER2 Expressing Breast Cancer Xenografts
AAPS ePoster Library, Noor Al-Saden, 199144
New Method for In Situ Size Estimation of Nanoparticles that Kinetically Form During Dissolution Testing of Amorphous Formulations
AAPS ePoster Library, Konstantin Tsinman, 197399
Assessment of Blend Uniformity and Content Uniformity for Stage 2
AAPS ePoster Library, Ajay Babu Pazhayattil, 197462
Targeting Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2 (HER2) Breast Cancer by Using Whole or ScFV Fragment Anti-Her2 Antibody
AAPS ePoster Library, Ayat Zagzoog, 199018
Solubility-Lipophilicity-Charge State Profile of Indomethacin using the Image-Based Single Particle Analysis (SPA) Method
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Insulin Differentially Affects the Distribution Kinetics of Amyloid beta 40 and 42 in Plasma and Brain
AAPS ePoster Library, Suresh Kumar Swaminathan, 197444
An Analysis of Medical Device Security and Privacy Issues Based on FDA Post-Marketing Surveillance From 2012-2016
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Conjugation Site Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates by Using Liquid Chromatography Coupled to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
AAPS ePoster Library, Tzungjie Yang, 199045
Single Particle Analysis (SPA) - Image-Based Method for Rapid and Accurate Solubility Screening
AAPS ePoster Library, Sami Svanbäck, 197397
Pharmacokinetics of Pregabalin CR Tablets For Once-a-Day in Beagle Dogs and Human
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Compliance with the ICH Q3D Elemental Impurity Quality Standard: Practical Considerations for Conducting a Risk Assessment for APIs and Excipients
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Novel Antibody Conjugates and Polymers that Bind to Amyloid Beta: Potential Alzheimer´s Disease Therapies
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Investigating Amorphous Indomethacin using Image-Based Single Particle Analysis (SPA) and Time-Gated (TG) Raman Spectroscopy
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In Vivo Evaluation of Lidocaine Bioavailability from Two Topical Patch Products by Pharmacokinetic and Skin (Tape) Stripping Analyses
AAPS ePoster Library, Sagar Shukla, 197442
Revisiting FDA Recommendations for Bioequivalence Establishment of Topical Dermatologic Corticosteroids: What Else Should Be Recommended in the FDA Guidance?
AAPS ePoster Library, Deniz Ozdin, 197459
Characterization of Low-Concentration Biologic Drug and Compatibility in Small Molecule Drug Admixtures by Advanced LC-MS Approach
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Determining the Solubility of Polymorphs in Biorelevant Media using the Image-Based Single Particle Analysis (SPA) Method
AAPS ePoster Library, Jernej Stukelj, 197395
Kinetic Analysis of Gastrointestinal Water Absorption and Secretion to Quantitatively Predict Luminal Water Volume
AAPS ePoster Library, Yoshiyuki Shirasaka, 197441
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Weight Loss Nutraceuticals: Claim, Microbiological, Pharmaceutical Quality and Safety Assessments
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The Biosynthetic Mechanism of the Antibiotic Capuramycin
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Simultaneous In Situ Dissolution Testing of Two Active Ingredients in Fixed Dose Combination Tablets Using UV Fiber Optic Spectrophotometry
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Preclinical Pharmacokinetics of a Selective Sigma-2 Receptor Antagonist, CM398, in Rats
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Common CMC Deficiencies Related to In Vitro Comparative Nasogastric (NG) Tube Studies for Proton Pump Inhibitors
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Development of Multilayer Microfluidic Paper-Based Devices for Controlling the Amount of Fluid
AAPS ePoster Library, In-Hwan Noh, 199155
A New, Rapid Wetting, Lyophilic Matrix Method For Analyzing Dissolution Rate Of Nanoparticles Produced By Controlled Expansion Of Supercritical Solutions
AAPS ePoster Library, Jenni Pessi, 197393
Formulation Development Of Nicotine Loaded Nano Lipid Carriers For Transdermal Delivery
AAPS ePoster Library, Apoorva Panda, 197413
Bioavailability Evaluation of Crystalline and Amorphous Forms of Warfarin Sodium in Sprague Dawley® Rats
AAPS ePoster Library, Diaa Shakleya, 197439
Development of an Affinity Capture - LC-MS/MS Assay for the Quantitation of Adalimumab in Human Plasma Using BioBA Sample Preparation Kit
AAPS ePoster Library, Josee Michon, 197456
Glucosyl- and Galactosyl- Lipid Isomer Biomarker Separation using SFC/MS and UPLC/MS
AAPS ePoster Library, Fangbiao Li, 199121
Bio-relevant vs Traditional Dissolution Methodologies: A Comparison Study Between USP II and USP IV Apparatuses
AAPS ePoster Library, A Mafalda Paiva, 197392
Rapidly Dissolving Microneedle Patches for Transdermal Iron Replenishment Therapy
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Development of Liquisolid Self-Nanoemulsifying System Using Co-processed Excipient to Improve Dissolution of Fenofibrate
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Na+-Coupled Oligopeptide Transporter (SOPT) Functionally Expressed in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line HepG2
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A Novel Strategy for the In-Process Stabilization of N-Oxide Metabolites in Hemolyzed Plasma Determined by LC-MS/MS
AAPS ePoster Library, Josee Michon, 197455
Treating Cancer Using Hydrophilic Glycol-Peptide Based Antibody-Drug Conjugates
AAPS ePoster Library, Maggie Lu, 197381
Paddle Over Disk as a Dissolution Test for Orally Inhaled Fluticasone Propionate
AAPS ePoster Library, A Mafalda Paiva, 197391
Design and Characterization of Topical Econazole Nitrate Formulations For Treating Rayaud's Phenomenon
AAPS ePoster Library, Sneha Kumari, 197411
Development and Characterization of a Novel Antibiotic Topical Gel for Treatment of Acne
AAPS ePoster Library, Meera Patel, 197424
Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid-Beta Peptides Impair Insulin Transport Across the Blood-Brain Barrier and Trigger Brain Insulin Resistance
AAPS ePoster Library, Vidur Sarma, 197437
The FDA-DOD Shelf Life Extension Program (SLEP): A Regulatory Science Model for Assessing Changes to Drug Product Quality
AAPS ePoster Library, Saeed R Khan, 197454
Biophysical Characterization of Glatiramer Acetate (Copaxone®) and In Vitro Subcutaneous Injection Simulation
AAPS ePoster Library, Jimmy Yuanxi Song, 199162
N-Glycan Assay Comparison between 2-AB and Recently Developed Procaine Labeling Reagents
AAPS ePoster Library, Dahai Dong, 197380
Investigations into the Dissolution Process of Amorphous Solid Dispersions: An Orthogonal Approach Utilizing High Resolution Imaging Coupled with Localized Thermal Analysis
AAPS ePoster Library, Naila A Mugheirbi, 197390
Screening and Formulation Design of Carbopol Loaded Testosterone Gel Using Various Permeation Enhancers
AAPS ePoster Library, Nahid S. Kamal, 197410
Effect of Drug Substance Bulk Density on the Operating Process Parameters and Product Critical Quality Attributes
AAPS ePoster Library, Amar S Patel, 197422
Macrophages as Drug Depots
AAPS ePoster Library, Phillip Rzeczycki, 197436
Scientific Considerations for Synthetic Peptides Referencing Peptide Drugs of rDNA Origin
AAPS ePoster Library, Ping Hu, 197453
FlowCam Nano® Provides Count Sizes and Images of Nano- and Microparticles: Application to a Therapeutic Protein Study
AAPS ePoster Library, Kent Peterson, 199170
Pre-systemic In Vitro Metabolism of Therapeutic Proteins After Subcutaneous Administration and Its Utility for a Semi-PBPK Model
AAPS ePoster Library, Ninad Varkhede, 197379
Dissolution Improvement of Risperidone by the PLGA Microspheres Using In Situ-Formed Aluminum Hydroxide Gel
AAPS ePoster Library, Seung-hyeon Hong, 197389
Phase Inversion of Silicone-Acrylate Hybrid Adhesive: Impact on Rheology and Drug Release
AAPS ePoster Library, Robert O. Huber, 197409
Coating Performance Study Of Instacoat 4G™ Using Various Spray Guns And Nozzles
AAPS ePoster Library, Kamlesh Oza, 197421
Contribution of Hypoxia and Epigenetic Alterations in Regulating Liver-Type and Cancer-Type Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1B3 (OATP1B3) in Primary Human Hepatocytes and Human Hepatic Cancer Cell Lines
AAPS ePoster Library, Gongmi Ryoo, 197435
A Statistical Bioequivalence Approach Based on Earth Mover's Distance for Equivalence Testing of Particle Size Distribution
AAPS ePoster Library, Meng Hu, 197452
Characterization of a Fusion Protein Formulation at Frozen State Storage: Cryo-concentration, Ice Formation, Impact of Freezing Rate and Storage Temperature on Excipient Crystallization and Drug Product Stability
AAPS ePoster Library, Duohai Pan, 199104
Implications of Nanometer Scale Phase Separation on Lyophilized Protein Formulations
AAPS ePoster Library, Ashley Lay, 197378
Comparison between the Non-Specific Image-Based Single Particle Analysis (SPA) Solubility Method and the Gold Standard Shake-Flask Method
AAPS ePoster Library, Emma Hokkala, 197388
Strat-M® Synthetic Membrane: Permeability Comparison to Human Cadaver Skin
AAPS ePoster Library, Anika Haq, 197408
Evaluation Of INSTACOAT 4G™ High Productivity Coating System (35% Solids Capability) Using The O'Hara Technologies Continuous Coater
AAPS ePoster Library, Kamlesh Oza, 197420
Formulations Can Have an Impact on Intestinal Drug-Drug Interactions: A PBPK Study Using Oxybutynin as a Model Drug
AAPS ePoster Library, Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, 197434
Critical Evaluation Of Resistive Pulse Sensing Technology: A Technique For Quantification And Sizing Of Nanometer- And Micrometer-Sized Particles
AAPS ePoster Library, Wim Jiskoot, 199046
Mechanical Response of Nifedipine Extended-Release Tablet during In Vitro Dissolution Testing
AAPS ePoster Library, Zongming Gao, 197387
Assessment Of The Percutaneous Absorption Of ABH PLO Gel Across Porcine Ear Skin
AAPS ePoster Library, Amit Dahal, 197407
Development Of Thermoresponsive Injectable Hydrogel For Subcutaneous Delivery Of 3-(5-methoxy, 2-methyl-1H-indol-3-yl)-1-(4-pyridinyl)-2-propen-1-one (MOMIPP) And Its Rheological And Mechanical Characterization
AAPS ePoster Library, Frank Oppong, 197419
Functional Expression of Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1a4 (Oatp1a4) is Increased at the Blood-Brain Barrier in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats
AAPS ePoster Library, Patrick Ronaldson, 197433
Viscosity: An Investigative Tool to Quantify Individual Molecule Characteristics and Protein-Protein Interactions
AAPS ePoster Library, Stacey Elliott, 199242

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